Expired Listing Experts

Expired Home Listing

You are probably here because your previous listing agent failed to sell your home.  We know it is very frustrating to lose all of that time on a failed listing. Dan Kitchen & Associates are expired listing experts and we would love to take the job of selling your home, and we will do it in 90 days or less!

So, what do we do differently, you ask? Well, our team does not just place a sign in the yard and wait for the potential buyers to come to us. Everyday we are connecting with new buyers to promote your home. Our staff spends hours and hours promoting your property via our effective marketing plan and channels.

Additionally, your property will be listed on the web using sites like Zillow, Trulia, Google & Realtor.com so we can drive even more traffic to your listing.

Give Dan a call at (248) 620-7200 to hire us for the job of selling your home-fast!